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Maier Awards

Maier Awards & Youth Icon Awards:

(Dedicated for quality contribution in medical education, medical research and clinical practice)

Our aim is to hearty appreciate & honour the dedicated and Quality eminent contributors working in Medical Research, Medical Education & Clinical Practice.

Our objectives are to highlighting their work, appreciate their work & boost them for higher achievement in the future.

We keenly work with an “Association of Medical Researchers of India” - a group of doctors working for the quality-based outcome of healthcare research and clinical practice.

For more details visit our website: www.maierawards.com (Click Here)

Award announcements

Maier 2021 awards
Announcement of nominations
Send complete CV with highlighting your work & speciality area to:

  1. editor@ijbamr.com
  2. editor@ijhbr.com
  3. contactijbamr@gmail.com

Awards ceremony 14 Feb 2021 SUNDAY

Due to COVID situation we will celebrating this award function
virtually. Awards will be sending by the courier.
Live telecast will be done by Maier team.

Awards Nomination Categories:

  • 1. Excellency in Clinical practice
  • 2. Excellency in Medical Education
  • 3. Excellency in Research in Basic Medical Sciences
  • 4. Excellency in Diagnostic Research
  • 5. Excellency in Research in Community Medicine
  • 6. Excellency in Clinical Research
  • 7. Excellency in Pharmaceutical Research
  • 8. National icon in Medical Research
  • 9. National Icon in Dental Research
  • 10. National Icon in Pharmaceutical Research
  • 11. Excellency in Dental Practice
  • 12. Excellency in Physiotherapy
  • 13. Excellency in Social Work

Special Excellency awards category:

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam - Excellency in Research Awards
Dronacharya - Excellency in Medical Education Awards

Youth Icon Awards 2021

Excellency in Sports (National )
Excellency in Entertainment Industry (Actor / Actress of the year 2021)
Excellency in literature

Send Your Nominations with CV to:

  1. editor@ijbamr.com
  2. contactijbamr@gmail.com