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Book Publication

Book Publication

Medworld-asia Publisher publishes books with the healthcare sector, biosciences, etc. with an approved ISBN serial number with a worldwide distribution network.

The books will be included from academic discipline, scientific, research-based, conference proceedings, etc.

Medworld asia International established a dedicated platform for publishing books from the healthcare sector and medical education covering Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing, and other paramedical specialties.

We publish author thesis work, review work, innovative books, scientific books, reference books, textbooks, etc.

Publish with us for transparency, dedicated team of experts for quality review.

We publish books with ISBNs.

We have a massive network for author marketing.

How to publish your Book or Thesis work?

The author can send us complete project/thesis/book work in Microsoft-world 2007 format.

  • Email us: editor@ijbamr.com / drmctayade@gmail.com
  • Call us: 9604102508

Why Publish with Medworld asia Publications?

  • A rapid review of publication content
  • International quality book design (Cover & Content)
  • Publication with an ISBN number
  • Tie up with leading e - portal- Amazon
  • Sale Transparency
  • Trustworthy International Brand
  • Print on Demand
  • Great Printing Quality
  • Best in industry author royalty
  • Brand run by Professionals