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Establishment: 2011

Best seller Book of the year:

Textbook of Early Clinical Exposure – Setting and Planning
Author By : Dr. Motillal C. Tayade
International Edition available on Amazon

About Book :

Early clinical exposure (ECE) as an educational model has been adopted by many medical colleges and universities worldwide to bridge the gap between early theoretical years and clinical posting of the final year in undergraduate medical education. ECE implementation is one of the essential suggestions in the competency based medical education curriculum. ECE ensures well-integrated knowledge of the basic sciences, clinical sciences, and social sciences. Medical curricula worldwide now strongly emphasize early clinical exposure with horizontal and vertical integration and contextual learning in the local setting. With this view, undergraduate medical education is now shifting towards a new curricular model, “competency-based education” with specified competencies, objectives, and standardized approaches.

This textbook is written to with an intention to explain the different settings of early clinical exposure, fundamentals, and ECE principles, the scientific base of ECE, implementation strategies, preparation of ECE modules, ECE and integrated teaching, ECE, and metacognition. ECE and competency-based medical education etc.


Thus this textbook will play an essential role during the planning of ECE sessions. This textbook has included a set of scientifically prepared ECE modules in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Community Medicine. This textbook has been included assessment strategies and planning in ECE, with a readymade set of modules helpful in ECE assessment.